Insurance Accepted

Services are paid for by Medicare, Medi-Cal, private health insurance and private pay.

Medicare and Medi-Cal Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries who are qualified for Medicare or Medi-Cal hospice services are covered 100%. The hospice benefit is comprehensive, which means all services, medications, and equipment related to the person’s terminal diagnosis are paid by the hospice.

Medicare hospice benefits

You can get Medicare hospice benefits when you meet all of these conditions:

  1. You’re eligible for Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance).
  2. Your doctor and the hospice medical director certify that you are terminally ill and have 6 months or less to live if your illness runs its normal course.
  3. You sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered benefits to treat your terminal illness. (Medicare will still pay for covered benefits for any health problems that are not related to your terminal illness.)
  4. You get care from a Medicare-approved hospice program.

Download the official booklet outlining the Medicare hospice benefit.

Private Health Insurance

For those who are not a Medicare or Medi-Cal beneficiary, hospice care is a benefit covered by most private insurers. Our experienced staff members can help you determine coverage and authorization for hospice services.

Private Pay

Private Pay is a type of payment where the patient’s own resources pay for the care. Questions? Need arrangements? Just call our competent and experienced staff and ask for our Billing Department to get someone who can properly help you.


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