Who We Are

Our Mission

St. Grace Hospice mission is providing the highest quality of life for Hospice Care. Our goal is to provide care to individuals experiencing a life-limiting illness by neither attempting to prolong life nor to hasten death. St. Grace Hospice focus on the patient needs allowing the patient and their families to have full control of their care.

Our Philosophy

St. Grace Hospice, Inc. reflects a strong emphasis on quality of life during its closing phases. Everyone deserves the right to dignified control over their lives and the respectable option of remaining at home or related facility where they reside without fear or apprehension from pain, and/or isolation through the twilight of their lives.

Customers look for CHAP accreditation as their assurance that your programs or facilities are of the highest quality. Payers recognize CHAP accreditation as a demonstration of superior performance for their clients. As a service provider, St. Grace Hospice has the advantage of clearly defined and internationally accepted standards ensuring that your services remain among the elite for excellence.

Our Team

A highly qualified team of professionals provides a regimen of care that addresses you or your loved one’s needs at the medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Our Quality

St. Grace Hospice, Inc. proudly employs staff members certified in Hospice & Palliative Care by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses (NBCHPN).


St. Grace Hospice, Inc. employs as staff Skin, Wound, Ostomy Certified (SWOC) nurses specially trained to manage skin disorders, assess/treat wounds, prevent skin breakdowns, identify/treat/assess ostomy and gastronomy problems.

St. Grace Hospice respects and safeguards all protected health information of the patients we serve. Each patient will be provided with information about his/her privacy rights at the time of admission to hospice. Learn more about our Privacy Practices.


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